Why Work With Richdale Ventures

Strong Network of International Distributors, Retailers, Resellers, OEMs

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Richdale Ventures is a global sublicensing and subdistribution company with established presence in key foreign markets. The Richdale Ventures team has decades of successful global sales strategy track record in the software and digital product category. In today’s dynamic global markets, international presence should be a crucial part of any technology company integrated strategy.

Richdale Ventures assists companies in developing and implementing global sales strategies in order to achieve a competitive advantage and increase market share in target countries. Richdale Ventures gives manufacturers and publishers immediate access to key players who sell to millions of users either through their distribution platform or through various targeted marketing campaigns (emails, bundle offers. etc).

Richdale Ventures assists our clients in understanding the idiosyncrasies of the business and social cultures of the different local markets. The approach to evaluating opportunities and implementing strategies (logistics, local competition, margin structure), is very different from our approach in the USA. Partnering with Richdale Ventures gives instant access to a network of international distributors and resellers having access to millions of potential end-users who can be reached within three to four months of engagement with our company.